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Career guidance

Career guidance

Icares Professional

Icares Professional is a unique and user-friendly tool for every organisation dealing with career guidance and guidance in education. It broadens your knowledge about career opportunities, education potential and generates important information about attitude and preference in study and occupation. Invite your clients to complete tests and give them the opportunity of self research. Icares Professional adds to your professionalism in the fields of career guidance, counselling, consulting and guidance in education.

Icares Professional is a web-based platform for career guidance and it facilitates guidance professionals to help their clients make the right choice of career. Mainline to Icares Professional is the Occupations Interest Test which returns a list of over 3000 occupations in the order of someone's interest. Icares Professional includes a talents and competences test; also, a test to assess clients' work and/or study approach and a personality test. Physical Criteria are shown for each profession and a filter for 48 handicaps indicates the feasibility of each profession for each handicap. Your client's level of education is taken into consideration.                                                                                               With Icares Professional you guide your clients in an efficient and professional way.

Modular structure

Due to its modular structure, Icares Professional is a service tailored to your organisation's needs. Select the instruments, tests and modules that add value to your services. Guidance professionals can apply the  platform for career guidance and guidance in education for a set annual fee.

Demonstration account

Icares offers demo accounts to organisations or private guidance counsellors who are interested in exploring the tool unlimited, free of charge and without any further obligation.  To sign up for your demonstration account, please click here

For more information please download the Icares Professional brochure or contact us. 

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