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Chamber of Commerce
Icares BV is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands under the following numbers

Icares BV 18086033
Icares Advies BV 18086037
Icares Projecten BV 18086034

The information given by Icares has been derived from sources which can be considered  trustworthy, but the accuracy and completeness of it cannot be guaranteed. The information given is guideline and may be amended any moment.   

No rights can be aquired from the information given. Icares BV cannot guarantee that the website functions uninterrupted and without errors. Icares BV and the (possible) other suppliers accept no liabiltiy for the contents of the site(s) and the information given on it and through it. Icares BV accepts no liability for the contents of sites which are not maintained by Icares BV and to which is referred or which refer to the site(s) of Icares BV.

The recipient of the information is responsible for the choice and use of the information. The information may only be used by the recipient himself. The recipient is not allowed to transfer, reproduce, edit or distribute the information. The recipient is obliged to comply with instructions given by Icares BV about the use of the information. Nobody has the right to copy anything from  this website; all copyrights are reserved, also those meant in article 15 of the Copyright Act. Dutch law in applicable.

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