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It is not always easy to find YOUR COURSE.

Icares.com is an international portal for (future) students to search within an international range of courses and find the right one!

International portal

Icares.com is thé international portal to find your course. It is the most complete and up-to-date service in the field of education listing over 40.000 courses in more than 100 countries. Go to icares.com or read more about the international course finder.

Free Choice of Study Test

The international course finder is connected to the career guidance tool 'Choice of Study Test' which helps (future) students to make a well-founded choice of study. The test takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and returns a list of courses sequenced to your interests. A concise description of each course is displayed and a list of providers shows. Don't waste any time and do the test free of charge. 

The Choice of Study Test facilitates guidance professionals to help their students make their choice of study.

Publicise your courses

In icares.com over 40.000 courses worldwide have been listed and linked. Universities and colleges have their programmes and their details imported for e-marketing purposes both at home and abroad.

The fact that Icares has many partners and participants underlines the importance of students making a well-founded choice of study and the benefits of that for universities and colleges.  Read more...

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